Door fixed!

The drivers door wouldn’t open from the outside so that was the first fiddly job to get sorted. It was fine using the inside handle and after looking at the service manual I got the door card off and started to have a play. There were rods connected all over the place inside the door controlling the locks and opening mechanisms. I managed to find some rotating adjuster and after trial and error managed to fix the handle, probably took less than an hour and now works a treat! lets hope the rest of the build is this simple! 🙂 yeh right!


We have got the Van!

Here’s a pic of the old girl, shes a 1994 M Reg Nissan Serena.Image

It had to be Japanese in the end, they are cheap and reliable plus we already own 2 Hondas. Mid engine rear wheel drive 2.0L petrol drift machine 🙂 ! She was originally a 7 seater but as you can see we have already taken the seats out so we can get the custom build chair bed in…

2013-06-01 14.33.41

We came across the Serena by chance at a local garage who had it on the forecourt but it was actually owned by the garage owners friend who is a mechanic and has owned the vehicle for 15 years. It didn’t have an MOT at the time so we took it for a test drive around the industrial park, the dog even came along! we found the drive amusing and the van just seem to have something about it that made us smile. It was a bargain so we decided there and then to have it! it would be a great little first conversion project for us.

Its got a full service history and has been waxoiled yearly, so the rust should be minimal. Its had a new engine which has done about 70k now. We bought it with a full 12months MOT which meant the windscreen (had a crack) was replaced it had a new sidelight lens new exhaust back box, new brake pads, new tyres all round and some other bits I can’t recall. For her age she is in really good nick. Behind the rear seats there is over 6 feet of space so great for a bed space!

I’d already gone a bit crazy and bought all sorts of bits for it online before we even had it:

  • 110ah Leisure battery
  • split charge relay kit (charges leisure battery from main via alternator)
  • 500w inverter
  • new number plates
  • tow mounted bike rack
  • JVC CD player with Aux in
  • stereo iso leads
  • some really compact portable gas stoves
  • service pdf manuals off ebay (been great so far)

plus more but I can’t remember right now, its all over the kitchen much to the delight of Sheri my better half 🙂

Van jobs to do:

  • finish ripping the interior panels out.
  • fix the drivers door as it wont open from the outside!
  • fit the new stereo
  • attend to the surface rust on the panel beneath windscreen, will need scraping, sanding back and painting.
  • + other bits I can’t remember right now.