Interior carpeting done

I Well we finished off the carpeting tonight and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. It looks like a real factory finish. We may spruce up the door cards later on with some iron on stuff or quirky vinyl but they are fine for now.

Next task is to bubble foil the floor, ply line it and apply some lino type stuff tbc. The bed seat mountings to be sorted too… That will be a challenge I suspect.




Deflectors on

Finished the insulation on the slide doors tonight, after getting the door card off it became apparent the door is designed to let some water flow through it (drainage holes at bottom) there was loads of rods and levers in there too so decided against bubble foiling it all. In the end only the rear of the door card was insulated. I couldn’t reinstall the door cards though as I now need longer clips :(. Time to get my google on. Still need to carpet them too… Which will be a pain as the current rubber seal is stapled on.

Edit: went back outside and carpeted one of the door cards 🙂 the clips did fit after some force! It was about 11pm when I finished so I hope it doesnt look shite in the morning!

I did manage to install the Team Heko wind deflectors though 🙂 they look great. The will help with ventilation too on a night without us having to worry about rain getting in.




A long day…

Spent a full day on the van today, managed to insulate the boot door,ply line the sides and carpet line everything apart from the slide doors. Had to extend the speaker wiring too as we haven’t decided on positioning yet.
Its been a long day and the carpet was a real challenge but really happy how it’s turned out.

Hoping to insulate and carpet the sliding doors tomorrow.


















We made a start on the insulation tonight and managed to get both rear side panels done so pretty pleased.

Following recommendations on the VW t4/t5 camper conversion forums we opted for the foil covered bubble insulation along with thick loft style insulation made from recycled plastic bottles both from b&q and about £15 a roll.

To prepare the panels we use general cleaner spray and some stardrops using microfibre cloths and brillo sponges to get rid of the 19 years of muck.


The lining carpet had arrived recently and came with 5 cans of high temp adhesive so we decided to use some of that on the bubble foil, the last thing we wanted was it to peel off as the van heated up. Its a great product and comes out of the can like spider web, a bit odd but very effective.

After a layer of the bubble foil we stuffed in the thick loft type insulation, finally covered with another layer of the bubble foil.

We still need to get the back 2 rear side windows blacked out and need to insulate 2 doors and the boot… Oh and carpet the ply panels and the rear pillars.. Fun and games 🙂 I really hope we get these bits done over the weekend. I’m anticipating a bit of a farce fixing the carpet though…



Time for some TLC…

I’d booked a random day off work today as I really needed to escape the office. The weather wasn’t as tropical as the past few weeks infact it was pretty overcast but the rain looked like it would stay away so it was an ideal opportunity to give the van paintwork some tlc.

In all fairness for its age the bodywork in general was in great condition. The colour had dulled a little so it was an ideal opportunity to get some use out of Das6 machine polisher I bought last year!

The lower panels were covered in 19years of tar spots.. using a combination of detailing clay and ironx I managed to shift most of it.
The polishing itself took hours but the results were amazing. All the light scratches went no problem. I’d used a Menzerna yellow pad and menzerna SF4000 polish which is a light cutting compound. To finish the job I hand applied some autoglymn SRP on most of the panels and topped off with dodo juice red mist. I would have preferred to have used a hard wax but I’d been doing this all day and really couldn’t be arsed! Sheri did the glass and black rubbers and finally it was finished, took about 6 hours but it does look awesome 🙂 the pics don’t really do it justice it’s a shame the sun never came out!











Respraying the rusty windscreen panel

The only major eyesore at the front of the van was below the windscreen, water had got under the previous paint job and peeled away in places. On newer vehicles this panel is typically plastic. The joys of an older van! It let the van down a bit so that was a job we wanted to sort pretty early on.

We used emery paper/cloth stuff.. basically sand papery type stuff for metal.. sorry I didn’t pay much attention but it worked. We had to keep sanding between coats and as I didn’t fancy taking the panel off we brushed Hammerite on for the first 3 coats and finished off with some standard black spray paint. Immediately after it was done I was pretty disappointed considering the amount of time it had taken, it just didn’t seem very smooth. After a few days though it looks pretty good I suppose.

2013-06-08 17.21.47 2013-06-08 17.21.56 2013-06-11 13.15.02