Stripping the interior

I was hoping to leave some of the interior plastics in the back to keep it looking like a factory finish but to be honest they were swallowing loads of cabin space and would need re-trimming anyway so we decided to rip them out. They were also getting in the way of the chair bed. Most of the seat belts also came out (we are keeping 1) and the rear speakers were removed as they are going to be relocated and probably upgraded to something a bit nicer to look at. I’ve never done anything with car audio really so will have to read up on that.

We found a bit of surface rust on the rear right side panel after we removed the panel so just aswell we removed the interior after all. We will sand this back and use some spray hammerite.

We will be insulating between the van skins, securing ply wood with removable screws and covering with stretchy carpet. The carpet comes with high temperature adhesive to stop it peeling in hot weather. It should really freshen the van up when this gets put in but I’m sure it will be a real pain doing around the wheel arches etc.

2013-06-01 17.34.31 2013-06-01 17.34.35 2013-06-01 17.34.382013-06-01 17.34.22


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