The design & bed

After much deliberation we decided that we would go for a rock n roller style bed in the rear which is basically a bench like seat which folds out to a bed. These are common on the VW T4/T5 conversions. Due to the size of our van we have gone for a 3/4 size which is basically between a single and double bed size and is just over 1m wide. It will provide ample space for us. This does only leave us with about 50cm for storage along one side of the van but as its pretty long we should be ok.

The bed itself will be a custom build as we cannot afford to spend hundreds on some of the off the shelf ones you can buy for the VWs besides they would not fit properly anyway as the wheel arches of the Serena do intrude a little.

So after seeing another conversion build online we decided to use an ikea fold up chair bed and widen it with 3 pieces of 18mm MDF board. These were cut to size for free at a local B&Q.. this is such a handy service and I thoroughly recommend! I also bought some insulation whilst I was there, I opted for a roll of the bubble foil backed stuff and some of the recycled plastic bottle insulation which is pretty thick so will back out between the inner and outer skins of the van. I got some silver duck tape too.

Anyway here are some pictures of the bed which was harder to construct that it should of been as I bought bolts that were too short initially :(! It is very strong now and a good size so we are happy 🙂

rearbedbed2bed inside


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