The rear heater

As the van was a 7 seater originally it came complete with a big floor rear heater which took up a serious amount of floor space.. I started to take it apart in order to remove it but found it seem to have all sorts of pipework and fridge like radiators inside and had read online it may be connected to the cars main cooling system. In the end I gave up and paid a local garage to remove it.. they charged £96! which I thought was a bit steep.. They also managed to leave a bit of piping under the van when they drove it out of the workshop which meant I drove it home with some metal pipe wedged in the tyre! I went back the next day and they repaired the tyre for free.. damn right! no apology they so they will not be getting my business again.

The van is floor space now much better with the ugly heater gone!

rear heatertyre


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