Respraying the rusty windscreen panel

The only major eyesore at the front of the van was below the windscreen, water had got under the previous paint job and peeled away in places. On newer vehicles this panel is typically plastic. The joys of an older van! It let the van down a bit so that was a job we wanted to sort pretty early on.

We used emery paper/cloth stuff.. basically sand papery type stuff for metal.. sorry I didn’t pay much attention but it worked. We had to keep sanding between coats and as I didn’t fancy taking the panel off we brushed Hammerite on for the first 3 coats and finished off with some standard black spray paint. Immediately after it was done I was pretty disappointed considering the amount of time it had taken, it just didn’t seem very smooth. After a few days though it looks pretty good I suppose.

2013-06-08 17.21.47 2013-06-08 17.21.56 2013-06-11 13.15.02



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