Rust and a rattle!

Rust.. noooooooo

After we lifted the carpets up to help us move the bed into position we inspected what we originally thought was surface rust and turned out to be worse.. after some prodding a bit of the floor in the corner had a hole.. The whole project is being done on a tight budget and we really could do without this. I did some research into it and we bought a fiberglass repair kit from halfords for £10.. However after posting on a few forums with pictures most people strongly suggested I get it welded as it was right in the corner I should get it cut out and a new plate welded.

2013-06-03 21.09.08

Luckily Sheris brother does some bodywork spraying for a nearby garage and suggest I drop the van by on Saturday so they could have a look and give me a quote. After inspection we decided both back corners should be repaired so the van is book in on Thursday for the work.

Lamda sensor..

The garage that removed the rear heater had also identified an issue with the lamda sensor.. they said it was ‘broken’ and I certainly noticed a loud rattle when I drove the van home that night.. Something which was not a problem earlier that morning.. I think they had messed about with it to be honest and certainly made it worse than it was before… I read up on the issue that night and had a look at the sensor and it seems the threads are buggered in the cat pipe!! anyway the garage doing the rust welding are going to sort this too for us! We do happen to have a spare Lamda sensor that came with the van when we bought it so if the rattling has shafted it we should be ok…

2013-06-07 19.15.43


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