Time for some TLC…

I’d booked a random day off work today as I really needed to escape the office. The weather wasn’t as tropical as the past few weeks infact it was pretty overcast but the rain looked like it would stay away so it was an ideal opportunity to give the van paintwork some tlc.

In all fairness for its age the bodywork in general was in great condition. The colour had dulled a little so it was an ideal opportunity to get some use out of Das6 machine polisher I bought last year!

The lower panels were covered in 19years of tar spots.. using a combination of detailing clay and ironx I managed to shift most of it.
The polishing itself took hours but the results were amazing. All the light scratches went no problem. I’d used a Menzerna yellow pad and menzerna SF4000 polish which is a light cutting compound. To finish the job I hand applied some autoglymn SRP on most of the panels and topped off with dodo juice red mist. I would have preferred to have used a hard wax but I’d been doing this all day and really couldn’t be arsed! Sheri did the glass and black rubbers and finally it was finished, took about 6 hours but it does look awesome 🙂 the pics don’t really do it justice it’s a shame the sun never came out!












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