We made a start on the insulation tonight and managed to get both rear side panels done so pretty pleased.

Following recommendations on the VW t4/t5 camper conversion forums we opted for the foil covered bubble insulation along with thick loft style insulation made from recycled plastic bottles both from b&q and about Ā£15 a roll.

To prepare the panels we use general cleaner spray and some stardrops using microfibre cloths and brillo sponges to get rid of the 19 years of muck.


The lining carpet had arrived recently and came with 5 cans of high temp adhesive so we decided to use some of that on the bubble foil, the last thing we wanted was it to peel off as the van heated up. Its a great product and comes out of the can like spider web, a bit odd but very effective.

After a layer of the bubble foil we stuffed in the thick loft type insulation, finally covered with another layer of the bubble foil.

We still need to get the back 2 rear side windows blacked out and need to insulate 2 doors and the boot… Oh and carpet the ply panels and the rear pillars.. Fun and games šŸ™‚ I really hope we get these bits done over the weekend. I’m anticipating a bit of a farce fixing the carpet though…




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