Deflectors on

Finished the insulation on the slide doors tonight, after getting the door card off it became apparent the door is designed to let some water flow through it (drainage holes at bottom) there was loads of rods and levers in there too so decided against bubble foiling it all. In the end only the rear of the door card was insulated. I couldn’t reinstall the door cards though as I now need longer clips :(. Time to get my google on. Still need to carpet them too… Which will be a pain as the current rubber seal is stapled on.

Edit: went back outside and carpeted one of the door cards 🙂 the clips did fit after some force! It was about 11pm when I finished so I hope it doesnt look shite in the morning!

I did manage to install the Team Heko wind deflectors though 🙂 they look great. The will help with ventilation too on a night without us having to worry about rain getting in.





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