Flooring and other bits

Decided to make a start on the flooring tonight which unfortunately meant removing the sofabed ..groan. While I was taking it out I noticed there was a little give in the brackets so I decided to add some extra rivnuts to strengthen the mounting points. I initially intended to carry passengers in the rear but to be honest I don’t think the mount points are strong enough for that so it will just be used as a day seat and the bed.

The next job was to make a start on the flooring. Its a ribbed floor presumably for strength. This poses obvious problems before it can be ply lined as its uneven and would be bouncy as hell. So we bought some 12mm batons from Wickes to pack it out. Chopped them up with the jigsaw and glued down with some grab adhesive. We are trying to avoid making loads of moisture attracting holes in the floor. The batons can be used to screw the ply into too. I’m not really looking forward to cutting the floor I suspect it will be an epic farce! Plus I’m going to have to make a new step seeing as the floor height just wont work with the existing plastic one. The joys of a totally bespoke build! Ill be getting a VW T4 next 😉

In other news I got a fuse tap lead today to make the split charge relay installtion easier, it requires an ignition switched feed you see to activate the the charging for the leisure battery. I did try locate a feed to tap into within the engine bay but failed… the engine bay is seriously filthy. I had tried to degrease under the bonnet area at the weekend but it looked no better sfter the 2 hours I’d spent on it!

In other news.. the engine power delivery isn’t very smooth we have noticed. The van has an ODB1.5 port so my OBD2 scanner won’t fit, luckily I’ve found an adapter cable online. So when then arrives I’ll scan for error codes. I wonder if its the spark plugs… mid engine pain to get to (I tried to look a few week back).

Oh I also noticed the coolant reservoir was running on dreggs! So topped that up yesterday. Wouldn’t be suprised if this was caused by the garage who removed the rear heater to be honest as I believe it was linked to the engine cooling system (its why I paid ‘professionals’ to sort it out..)

I think thats it for now.

Update: 04/07/2013 after driving it to work today the power seems better again I think the low coolant may have been related.



halfway through fixing the batons down, the floor ridges variate so much I think we will need a combination of various thickness batons.


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