EGR pipe fun, window blinds, TV installation & the new wheels..

Whats new? well the EGR Pipe running from the EGR valve to the inlet manifold decided to go the other day… the van sounded like a motorbike..

After much searching I’ve struggled to find a replacement pipe, the local Nissan dealer has to get it from Japan with a 3-6weeks minimum delivery time! we are off camping soon so thats no good. I got a pipe from a 1.6 but it wasn’t the right fitting at all so that got sent back. I’m waiting to hear back from scrapyards but in the meantime it was time to get my bodging skills out :). Decided to repair it using some exhaust putty, 2 hose clips and a bit of pepsi can :). its suprisingly solid at the moment. Lets hope it survives the 90 mile journey to the camp site!

Oh dear..

Oh dear..

winner :)

winner πŸ™‚

Window Blinds
With the impending camping trip we need to get some blackout blinds sorted for the many windows! We were going to make some out of the expensive thermo material but as we are on a budget and had loads of spare bubble foil and some sticky backed velcro about we thought we might aswell trial the cheap option first! So far so good!
2013-07-27 14.02.21

TV InstallHad an hour to kill so thought I’d have a gander at getting the LCD mounted on the headrest. After some playing about with some spare bits of wood and butchering the existing stand I came up with the simple mount below. As its using some of the existing stand mounts its actually easy to detach the screen to stop the local yobs nicking it. I still need to make some kind of cover though for when we wan’t to leave it in. Eventually I will install a nice swing arm mount so we can watch it when we are sat outside. I also had a play with the raspberry pi at the weekend but still need to get the wifi dongle working… more to come.

not pretty but works

not pretty but works

TVCatchup using the iPad.

TVCatchup using the iPad.

After much searching on ebay for the correct fitment I took a punt on some alloys I saw for sale for a Nissan Stagea (skyline estate!). A bad listing on ebay lacking many details and pictures also being collection only from Nottingham I bagged them from an absolute bargain of Β£40 with the tyres! it was a 170mile round trip but boy was it worth it. Really pleased with them after a clean up. All I need to do now is spray the centre caps as they have faded a bit. Went round a mates with a flat driveway to put them on and got caught by the rain a few times but they look really good on the van. Very happy πŸ™‚




2 thoughts on “EGR pipe fun, window blinds, TV installation & the new wheels..

  1. Hi, My name is Derik and I live in New Zealand Napier. We LOVE NZ and what it has to offer. We also LOVE camping and were looking for a camper for ages now and could not find one that is affordable for us and then I had this idea :)…

    We own a Nissan Serena 2002 2.0L petrol and I would LOVE to convert it into a camper. I’ve seen some on the internet but struggle to get some good ideas and a floorplan. I would appreciate ANY help and ideas!

    I am new to this, but also VERY excited to try this πŸ™‚

    Hope you can help.

    Thanks and I am looking forward to hear from you.


    • Hi Derik,
      I never really drew up a full floor plan it was just sketches with rough measurements of various layouts. The priority was that the bed-seat was going to be comfortable enough in terms of size for us both to sleep on. Then we made sure we had left enough room and built some cupboards/units to the side for storage.
      Its all on the blog if you look through the various pages/posts.

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