First camping trip in the van!

We used the van as a camper for the first time last weekend in the Lake District 🙂 The whole trip was a great success the van didn’t break down, leak and handled the load of 3 people, a dog, 2 bikes and all the camping gear 🙂 The bike rack was solid as a rock, really glad we invested in a tow mount one, they are so much easier to load and a damn site stronger than the hang on type.

The night before the trip was a bit of a rush job! The lights had to be fit (ikea dioder) and the carpet laid. The carpet was a bit of a pain and took hours to lay and still isn’t stuck down yet we were out until midnight finishing it off.. It was great on the trip though and I’m really glad we opted for carpet instead of vinyl. We picked it up as a roll end from a local carpet place for about £15. I finished the step off with some angle aluminium checkered step stuff.. that was only about £8 for 1m from wickes which was just enough. It looks great and finishes the step off nicely.

We are still waiting on my uncle to reupholster all the seats and bed so we made do with a mattress topper and a duvet cover for the weekend. I’ve got to admit the bed was hard! as the foam was only about 1″ thick… but we survived. Dog is a bit of a bed hogger tbh though so may have to get him a dogbed for the front seats!

The temperature in the van remained stable all weekend which I believe had a lot to do with all the time invested in proper insulation and the home made silver window screens. It was nice to wake up on a morning without it being freezing or too hot like the tent days!

Another recent purchase was the awning! an ex-display gooutdoors special, its the Zenobia 6 Porch that we picked up for £60. It fit over the van nicely but we never did attempt to drive away as it requires some customisation yet.

What else is new? well we had some more welding done on one of the inner door sills, we were tempted to bodge it initially with some fibreglass but I knew it would just annoy/worry us if we didn’t get it sorted properly.

cupboards will be the next big challenge….

anyway enough rambling here are some pics of the first trip.




brill bike rack, £80 ebay.

brill bike rack, £80 ebay.


packed up and ready to go

packed up and ready to go