Here are some build pictures.. better late than never

Recently relised that I’d never really posted up all the build pictures, probably due to the last minute rush job to get the van finished before our epic trip last year :).

The pics show the tambour/sliding door build. Materials included an £8 ebay office cabinet, some £1 sheets off Ikea glossed MDF and some plastic runners from a B&Q. Saving hundreds on buying a tambour door kit from self build camper suppliers. Just shows what you can do on a budget. Its worth checking your local ikea/B&Q type place bargain sections for all wardrobe doors/ex display. We were lucky to get them for a £1 a piece. Yes its heavier than Vohringer ply. Weight isn’t a massive issue in our van as its only small and we’d reduced it by removing all the rear seats. There was no chance I was ever going to spend £100+ a sheet for something I’d probably cock up cutting. I’m a tight Yorkshire Man afterall :). Having said that I did spend £30+ on router cutters so that we could cut the grooves out for the knock on T-Trim.

The first few pics are the templates we made using some kitchen doors (veneered chipboard) I’d got off ebay, they were £20 for 20 (obviously didn’t need 20 but they came in handy for various bits and bobs, some ended up on the bonfire later that year)

2013-08-17 11.03.19 2013-08-17 11.24.16 2013-08-17 12.08.42 2013-08-17 12.30.05 2013-08-18 16.24.24 2013-08-18 16.53.07 2013-08-18 16.53.10 2013-08-18 17.35.19 2013-08-18 17.35.32 2013-08-18 18.10.36 2013-08-18 18.10.42 2013-08-18 18.18.11 2013-08-18 20.57.32



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