Thinking of selling up..

We have a little boy now and its likely that the van isn’t going to be used much at all (theres no isofix for him). Its such a shame but we are thinking of letting it go. If you’d be interested in buying just leave a comment and I will get back to you. Price wise I’ve not got an exact figure yet so make me an offer.

It will be having its MOT this week so will come with a full 12months MOT for its new owner. We will be very sad to see it go 😦 but we can’t afford to keep running for it to just be sat on the driveway.


5 thoughts on “Thinking of selling up..

  1. That’s a shame. After reading your blog,I was inspired to buy a Serena and am in the middle of converting it,have just insulated her and bought an IKEA bed to go in the back…I’ll keep reading to be inspired….

    • Hi Jarrod,
      Great to hear that you have started your own conversion. Its one of the best things we ever did, was a great experience. Good luck with your conversion and be sure to share pics when its finished.

  2. Hi Rich, I could use some advice if you don’t mind on rivnuts.what type do I use ,steel,stainless aluminium?? Also are the alternative tools ( on you tube) any good to install them, as the rivnut tool is so expensive,or do I just bite the bullet and buy one.?!
    Many thanks

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