Van now sold

Well it’s bittersweet for us, the van sold within 20mins of listing on gumtree for the asking price.

Very sad to see it go.


For Sale £1200

The time has come for us too part with our beloved Serena. Please see all the details below I will be totally honest as I can about the van as I don’t have time for tyre kickers due to having a 1 year old and working full time.

Van is a good runner and was my daily drive until recently. I will be very sad to see it go. Had so much fun with it over the past few years. Please note there are no seatbelts installed in the back so its essentially a 2 passenger vehicle.

Contact: Rich on x, leave a message if I don’t answer, probably busy at work. Van will be ready to view from 19/09/2015. Still taxed and insured so come and have a drive.
Location: BD17, West Yorkshire

Nissan Serena 2L Petrol 16v 124bhp Excursion
Suprisingly quick!
: M133 SVS
MOT: Until June 2016 (no advisories)
Mileage: 110,000 miles (actually had  the engine replaced at 70k)

Money Spent:
Since owning the van in addition to the conversion we have had 4 corners welded professionally, new starter motor, new exhaust, had brakes all done when we bought it. EGR pipe professionally repaired. Self serviced (oil inc filter, air filter, spark plugs).


  • 5 Door, with sliders either side, great for access.
  • 15″ Alloys from Nissan Stagea (skyline estate). Original 14″ steel wheels inc tyres and trims also included.
  • Underside, has been wax oiled many times over the years, so in good condition.
  • Tow bar (inc electrics)
  • Body work is good for its age, only suspect bit really is one of the rear arches is showing a bit of rust. a few marks on the drivers door. It is over 20 years old now so please bare this in mind.


  • Full custom camper conversion as per this blog
  • Tambour door main cupboard + rear dual access unit with long worktop.
  • Rock n Rolla bed with 4″ couch foam professionally upholstered sleeps 2, with matching front seats
  • 110ah Leisure battery with Split charge relay system (charged by alternator)
  • 500w ring automotive inverter (this was expensive!)
  • Popup standard plug sockets + 2 USB sockets.
  • Rear control panel, controls lighting + extra cig charger port.
  • CD player with Aux in
  • Rear ceiling and remote multi coloured LED lighting  (powered from leisure battery)

Bad points:

  • bit of rust on one of rear arches.
  • had to seal up front sunroof but it has 2 so not an issue.
  • its a Cat C, previous owner said it was something to do with one of the doors and it was going to cost more then the van was worth? If I’m honest it never made sense to me but it drives fine the chassis is all ok so never been an issue for us.

Not included:
Tv, raspberry pi, coolbox.

20130829_17554820130825_155420 20130825_155506 20130825_155526 20130825_155542 20130825_155545  IMG-20130826-WA0004 IMG-20130826-WA0005 MOT

Passed the MOT

Well the old bugger passed it’s MOT with no advisories! I’m delighted! I just used it for a stag do camping in Masham! Was brilliant, I think most of the lads in their leaky tesco tents were a little bit jealous. I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in a while!

She’s only done 400miles since the last MOT so I think that’s proof enough that I need to sell. Still under 110k on the clock and a great runner, I’d take £1200 for her if you promise to look after her!

Thinking of selling up..

We have a little boy now and its likely that the van isn’t going to be used much at all (theres no isofix for him). Its such a shame but we are thinking of letting it go. If you’d be interested in buying just leave a comment and I will get back to you. Price wise I’ve not got an exact figure yet so make me an offer.

It will be having its MOT this week so will come with a full 12months MOT for its new owner. We will be very sad to see it go 😦 but we can’t afford to keep running for it to just be sat on the driveway.

Here are some build pictures.. better late than never

Recently relised that I’d never really posted up all the build pictures, probably due to the last minute rush job to get the van finished before our epic trip last year :).

The pics show the tambour/sliding door build. Materials included an £8 ebay office cabinet, some £1 sheets off Ikea glossed MDF and some plastic runners from a B&Q. Saving hundreds on buying a tambour door kit from self build camper suppliers. Just shows what you can do on a budget. Its worth checking your local ikea/B&Q type place bargain sections for all wardrobe doors/ex display. We were lucky to get them for a £1 a piece. Yes its heavier than Vohringer ply. Weight isn’t a massive issue in our van as its only small and we’d reduced it by removing all the rear seats. There was no chance I was ever going to spend £100+ a sheet for something I’d probably cock up cutting. I’m a tight Yorkshire Man afterall :). Having said that I did spend £30+ on router cutters so that we could cut the grooves out for the knock on T-Trim.

The first few pics are the templates we made using some kitchen doors (veneered chipboard) I’d got off ebay, they were £20 for 20 (obviously didn’t need 20 but they came in handy for various bits and bobs, some ended up on the bonfire later that year)

2013-08-17 11.03.19 2013-08-17 11.24.16 2013-08-17 12.08.42 2013-08-17 12.30.05 2013-08-18 16.24.24 2013-08-18 16.53.07 2013-08-18 16.53.10 2013-08-18 17.35.19 2013-08-18 17.35.32 2013-08-18 18.10.36 2013-08-18 18.10.42 2013-08-18 18.18.11 2013-08-18 20.57.32


The van is pretty much finished!

Well the bed and one of the front seats have been re-upholstered and after many late nights we finished the cupboards.. We have just spent a week touring Scotland including the Isle of Skye and had an amazing time 😀

the van now features:

  • 3/4 rock and roll bed with 4″ thick foam comfy cushions
  • 15″ Philips LCD TV
  • Raspberry Pi complete with USB hub and 1TB USB drive
  • 12V 110ah Leisure battery
  • Tambour door with shelving
  • hinged worktop
  • rear door access with pushlock catches
  • 12v fused control panel : light switches cig socket etc
  • 500w 230v inverter
  • Popup mains plug socket with 2 USB ports
  • Table rail for removable sliding table

plus other cool stuff I’ve probably forgotten.

Anyway here are some pics 🙂

2013-08-26 11.47.15 vanbg 2013-08-24 19.04.31 2013-08-25 15.54.19 2013-08-25 15.54.25 2013-08-25 15.55.05 2013-08-25 15.55.14 2013-08-25 15.55.25 2013-08-25 15.55.34 2013-08-25 15.55.41 2013-08-25 15.55.45